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Data & Model Codes

A global dataset of karst spring discharges (WoKaS, 2020)
Olarinoye, T., Gleeson, T., Marx, V., Seeger, S., Adinehvand, R., Allocca, V., et al. (2020). Global karst springs hydrograph dataset for research and management of the world’s fastest-flowing groundwater. Scientific Data, 7(1).

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A simple recharge simulation model (2020)
Baker, A., Berthelin, R., Cuthbert, M.O., Treble, P.C., Hartmann, A., the KSS Cave Studies Team (2020): Rainfall recharge thresholds in a subtropical climate determined using a regional cave drip water monitoring network. Journal of Hydrology, under review.

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A parsimonious large-scale vegetation-recharge model for karst regions (V2Karst V1.1, 2018)
Sarrazin, F., Hartmann, A., Pianosi, F., Rosolem, R., & Wagener, T. (2018). V2Karst V1.1: A parsimonious large-scale integrated vegetation-recharge model to simulate the impact of climate and land cover change in karst regions. Geoscientific Model Development, 11(12). 

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A continental karst recharge model (VarKarst-R, 2015)
Hartmann, A., Gleeson, T., Rosolem, R., Pianosi, F., Wada, Y., & Wagener, T. (2015). A large-scale simulation model to assess karstic groundwater recharge over Europe and the Mediterranean. Geoscientific Model Development, 8(6).

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