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May 2021

Schneller Transport von Schadstoffen ins Trinkwasser

DLF - Radio-Interview 

May 2021

Pollutants rapidly seeping into drinking water.

Newsroom of the University of Freiburg, press releases 2021

October 2020

Publication in Environmental Research Letters:

November 2019

Early career award for Freiburg Hydrologist

EGU news

Newsroom of the University of Freiburg

Badische Zeitung

July 2019

Dreisam in Freiburg rot gefärbt.

Interview with SWR aktuell

July 2019

Publication in Nature Communications. 

June 2019

Weniger Macht, mehr Mitspracherecht.

Interview with online magazine of public relations University of Freiburg about newly organized faculties could provide better supervision for doctoral students 

German English

June 2019

Schadstoffe im Grundwasser?

Newsroom of the University of Freiburg

October 2018

Drinking water resources in karst.

News article and video on ORF Austria about the GloW project in Berchtesgaden.

August 2018

Dem Wasser auf der Spur.

Foto Story on Facebook page of Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg.

August 2018

International research in Puerto Rico to study the effects of climate change:

July 2018

Dem Grundwasser im Karst auf der Spur in:

July 2018

Research project on drinking water resources. ORF Austria

June 2018

Experimental karst hydrology (GloW project) in Spanish press:

April 2018

GloW project in Australia

TV report on WIN News Central West


Research at Wellington Caves as part of GloW project

UNSW news

March 2018

Research at Wellington Caves as part of GloW project

Media Release of Dubbo Regional Council

Weniger Natur für mehr Wasser?

Newsroom of the University of Freiburg

Andreas Hartmann talking about karst research: Interview on University Freiburg Radio

November 2017

Andreas Hartmann: Juniorprofessur für Hydrologische Modellierung und Wasserressourcen

DHG | Aktuell

July 2017

Water supplies in karst regions

Press Releases 2017, University of Freiburg



Olarinoye, T. (2020): Global karst springs hydrograph dataset for research and management of the world’s fastest-flowing groundwater

at Springer Nature Behind the Paper

Hall, C. (2020): Andreas Hartmann (EGU ECS Awardee) on Doing What You Love Will Pay Off

at the EGU Blogs

Hartmann, A., Bronstert, A., Schaefli, B. (2017): Which scales matter for water resources management?




Of Karst! – short episodes about karst:
a contribution to Water Underground at the AGU Blogoshere and EGU Blogs

Hartmann, A. (2019): Episode 4 – Karst Groundwater: quick and slow at the same time?
at the AGU Blogosphere
and EGU Blogs

Episode 4 

Hartmann, A. (2017): Episode 3 – Learning about karst by … KARST IN THE MOVIES!
at the AGU Blogosphere
and EGU Blogs
Episode 3
Hartmann, A. (2017): Episode 2 – Dissolving rock?
(or, how karst evolves)
at the AGU Blogosphere
and EGU Blogs

 Episode 2

Hartmann, A. (2017): Episode 1 – A different introduction to karst
at the AGU Blogosphere
and EGU Blogs

 Episode 1