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Global Assessment of Water Stress in Karst Regions in a Changing World (GloW)

Aims and objectives

The research group GloW aims on closing the knowledge gap of the regional and large-scale availability of karst water resources. The project is funded by the Emmy Noether Programme (German Research Foundation). For the next 5 years, the group will

  • gather a better understanding of karstic soil, epikarst and groundwater recharge processes at 5 karst experimental laboratories (D, UK, ES, USA, AU) using spatially high resolved soil moisture monitoring networks and soil water isotope sampling schemes, 
  • analyse factors that control karstification and groundwater dynamics using a recently developed karst database that contains hundreds of karst spring discharge observations around the globe,
  • develop a new and systematic approach that incorporates the new findings to provide a large-scale simulation tool to quantify karst water resources across karst regions worldwide and to assess present and future risk of water stress.


Project term: Jul 2017 - Jun 2022

Funding volume: € 1,500,000.


For further information see project webpage